Letter to Editor

May 14, 2020

I'm writing   with the hopes your paper or its many readers might help me with information concerning the history of the Mississippi Valley Conference composed of schools in Lewis, Clark, Know and Scotland Counties. I think it existed from 1950s to 1970s. If anyone has information, I would appreciate hearing from them. I have also been trying to locate the traveling MVC basketball trophies. One was given to both girls and boy champion. They were large gold basketballs on a large white pedestal. They had to be won three times in order to retire them. A gold plate had the school's name and year won on the pedestal. I remember Kahoka High School had the boy's, which I think was retired by the 1961 team. I recall it in a trophy case at the school during the 60s when I was a student at KHS. I was told it might have been discarded when the new school was constructed. I do remember seeing one in the Lewistown school trophy case years ago. I think it was won by the girl's team. I would greatly appreciate any help with information about the history or trophies.

Gary H, Hunziker

P. O. Box 316

Keokuk, Iowa 52632