Lewistown History and Memorabilia Display

September 08, 2021

Along with many other events at the Lewistown Sesquicentennial, a display of historical photos and other memorabilia of Lewistown will be in the Park United Methodist Church Hall from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, September 11. Included in the display will be pictures and information about several quilts that were on display at the Missouri State Fair. The late Bonnie Jansen, the longtime pharmacist in Lewistown, was a well-known Lewistown resident and community member. She spent many years searching for quilt material to make special quilts for her siblings and other relatives. She had planned to make the quilts after retirement, but a terminal illness prevented her from accomplishing that goal. During her illness and after Bonnie’s passing, her sister Joy, was instrumental in getting several quilts made. Myrna Wear, (left) was a co-worker of Bonnie’s and went on many quilt material shopping trips. Judy Smith and Barb Smith were cousins and friends of Bonnie Jansen. The ladies are pictured holding some of the quilt pictures that will be on display at Lewistown Appreciation Day.