Allison Daisy Award Recipient

September 16, 2021

Jessica Allison, RN, Progressive Care Unit, became the 63rd Blessing Hospital nurse to receive the international DAISY Award during a ceremony on September 1, 2021. Jessica Allison is a Lewis County resident.

Patients and their family members, visitors, doctors, hospital staff members or volunteers may recognize the extraordinary care provided by nurses by nominating them for a DAISY award.

Jessica was nominated by the daughter of a patient to whom she provided care.


“When I went to see my mom after a hard diagnosis, Jessica grabbed a chair for me to sit in next to my mom - she touched my shoulder as she walked by - as if to say I’m sorry without saying it,” the nomination stated.

“Jessica came to see my mom before she left for the day and took my mom’s hand in hers and held it. My mom started to tear up. Jessica just held her hand and said, “No, we aren’t going to cry. We are going to stay positive,” the nomination continued. “She then took my mom’s photo of her dog that I had brought in and set it in front of my mom and said to focus on him and getting home to him. Then she leaned down and hugged my mom.”

“Words cannot express how thankful I am for her. I hope her light never burns out. There are some things nursing school doesn’t teach you - and she has it,” the nomination concluded.

DAISY stands for “Diseases Attacking the Immune System.” The family of a 33-year- old man, who died of an immune system disorder, began the program in 1999 to honor his memory by recognizing extraordinary nurses everywhere who make a difference in the lives of people by the work they do every day.  More than 4,800 healthcare providers worldwide participate in the DAISY Award program.

 DAISY award nominations forms are located on all nursing units throughout Blessing Hospital.