Ewing News

by Betty Fifer

October arrived and sorry to say but soon winter will be knocking at our doors, but the weather station says that October is going to be a wonderful month so let’s enjoy it. Our church had its annual hay ride, wiener roast and the cooking of Sarah’s famous donuts. They had about forty kids there and the rest were adults. 

Don and his brother Bob and his wife Dorothy and I went to the Lewistown School reunion at the Caldwell building. Both brothers attended the Lewistown School. It was a very nice crowd and evening.

Thursday Don and I drove up to Edina to see the Mennonite store and it’s a great store. There is even a bigger store at Memphis. 

My aunt Travella’s little great granddaughter came thru her first heart surgery since she was born several months ago. There are a lot of prayers being sent for her and her family. 

It looks like a calm week on our calendar and only eye appointments the next week. I have been watching the walnut trees dropping the nuts on the ground. My Mom always had us gather at least one bushel of walnuts, removing the husk from them and we gathered several buckets of the large hickory nuts that grew here and there. Mom also raised her own navy beans and that was quite a job. Dad would pick a place to plant them and that he did with a two row corn planter, when ready, we’d pull them and put in a wagon and he start the combine, put down canvas tarp and shell the beans with the combine and then put them in big glass jars, storing them on the back porch where the buckets of nuts was. In the winter when you wasn’t doing anything your job was to get a jar of beans and start sorting out the weed seeds and rocks, so you never said you were bored, cause there was always beans to be cleaned and I can tell you those beans were much better than those that come in bags from the store. Mom also raised her own peanuts but that’s a story for another time.