Maywood News

by Loretta Bringer

We had rain on Thursday and Friday and that was another two and half inches and they were dreary days. Saturday came and we had beautiful sunshine and Sunday was the same. You really appreciate the beautiful fall days now knowing that by the end of November we will be in the winter season.

South Union Baptist church was filled with music Sunday morning since the Final Authority Quartet shared a concert with us. What a blessing and everyone enjoyed the fellowship and chicken dinner that followed the concert. It truly was a time of praise, and we were happy to have visitors with us.

The community was sorry to learn of the death of Dick Moore of Quincy. He is the father-in-law of Denise Bowman Moore and father of Scott Moore her husband. He was a cousin to the late Joe and Jerry Reid and leaves a lovely wife, Joyce and two daughters. He was well known as a teacher and principal in the Quincy School System.
A celebration for Victoria Ornelas, who is serving as the President of the American Legion Auxiliary of Missouri, was held on Saturday, October 30 in Hannibal at the American Legion Post. Judge Rachel Bringer Shepherd provided the music for the event, which included a luncheon attended by American Legion members and American Legion Auxiliary members from throughout the state. Gail Dietrich from Maywood attended, and American Legion Missouri Department Commander Gary Grigsby of Warrensburg was also in attendance. President Ornelas’ theme includes honoring women who have served in the military, and she had created posters and pins honoring women veterans.

Luke Shepherd of Maywood shot his first deer on Sunday, October 31. It was a seven-point buck, and his father, Bobby Shepherd, was with him and took many pictures of this milestone. (Luke noted it had been an eight-point buck, but one antler point had been broken off from fighting).

A LaGrange High School graduate, Harold Wiesemann, passed away this week and was in my sister Alice’s class. We offer sympathy to his wife and family. His wife is the former Peggy Shoop from Maywood.

Mark and Sharon Rathbun are quarantined with Covid-19, and we wish them a quick recovery.

The Trunk and Treat Halloween party at Marion Co. R-2 was fun for Luke and Jacob on Thursday evening. They have had fun painting pumpkins and carving them. On Sunday evening the Bobby Shepherd family was at my home and I made monster cookies and Dragon punch for us along with supper. The cookies are good but a little disconcerting with candy eyeballs looking at you. I dressed up as a tiger woman and they thought that was fun and Elijah was the only one I about fooled.

I was sorry to learn of the death of Monte Decker of Lewistown. The family lived on Route P for some time and a number of his family live in the Maywood area.

Our time will change by next Sunday and it makes us think of what a gift time is. Every day is a gift that will not be repeated quite the same way. Many of us have more days behind us that before us. May we use the gift of time wisely!

Happy Birthday to Allison Lain on November 1.

Happy Anniversary to Mark and Sharon Rathbun who will be married 36 years on November 9.

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