Ewing News

by Betty Fifer

We’re back on standard time until Spring and it’s a beautiful Sunday with temperatures around seventy. We’re going to go out to the church this afternoon and watch The Ten Commandments and having supper with all kinds of goodies. I made a big pot of chili and we are having guests in to see this fine old movie. Don and I went to see The Ten Commandments at the State Theater, just two days before our daughter Anita was born. It was a very good show back then and I’m sure still just as good. 

I understand that the grade school has had quite a few sick kids with the plain flu, One of my granddaughters, Virginia, was sick and had to spend a few hours in the hospital. Another granddaughter, Neva, hurt her knee during cheerleading practice.

We went to the church, enjoyed supper halfway through the movie, and saw the rest of the movie. The show was just as good as it was in 1958. The weather man is saying colder weather by Friday, we know winter is coming, that’s the normal thing this time of year.

I know our Thanksgiving seem to be a family day and our families usually stay home but Christmas we all got together. I’ve also thought helping with a big Thanksgiving dinner for a community to feed others would be great, like the Salvation Army does. 

The Nutrition Site at Ewing will be serving a Thanksgiving Dinner on Wednesday, Nov. 24. Anyone wanting a dinner, please call at least a week before Nov. 24 to plan for pickup. Those on regular routes already receiving meals will receive one. Those wanting to reserve a dinner can call 572-209-3600 or 573-209-3631

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