Maywood News

by Loretta Bringer

It has been a good week for deer hunters in the area. We had a heavy frost this week that assured us everything was frozen. Our area has been busy with additional people hunting and since the season ends this week that will make things slow down.

South Union Baptist Church had a Thanksgiving Service on Sunday morning, and the choir is busy working on Christmas music. Our pastor, Milton Baumgardner and his wife are celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary on Tuesday of this week and were recognized in the service. Judge Rachel Bringer Shepherd presented the special music with “Thank You Lord for Your Blessings.”

It was a blessing to see Deb O’Brien home this week. She has been helping her son, David Kuhne and his wife with their new daughter, Millie Ruth. It is prayer answered that Millie Ruth is doing well after surgery.

Congratulations to Kendra Meany on her recognition for extraordinary care at Blessings Hospital. She is the manager of Nursing Professional Development and received the 2021 Daisy Transformational Leadership Award for her role in the cross-training of more than three hundred Blessing staff to provide care and services during the hospital’s COVID response. She and her husband Curtis Meany live in Maywood, and it is wonderful see people recognized for the good things they do.

I am sure two hundred years from now people will be looking at all the old items no longer in use like VCR tapes are now. Today, I am convinced that there will be batteries everywhere that will be intact in those sealed tombs of plastic. I finally got one package open and spent time looking for an easier way for the second one and found non short of dynamite. I am happy that we do keep our food supply secure, however, couldn’t we just put alarms on batteries? A Cool Whip carton is about my strength limit!

It is good news that Kay Durst who lives in Quincy survived an attack by a pit bull dog this week. Kay grew up in Maywood and is active in the church here. She has had quite a time with her arthritis and does not need this extra stress. We wish her well with this upsetting incident.

I do hope you enjoy or have enjoyed your Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends. I used a quote this week that I like – “Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.” By Robert Lintner Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday!

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