Council of Churches Requesting Donations

December 08, 2021

The Canton Council of Churches has been around for many years and has assisted countless numbers of families.  The Council currently consists of Immanuel United Methodist Church, St. Joseph Catholic Church, and the Canton Christian Church. There are many ways that the council assists families in need.  

1. Food: The Council has a food pantry that is located at the Canton Christian Church. The pantry provides non- perishable food as well as some frozen items and occasionally fresh produce as well.  There is also the voucher program which families are able to receive annually that consists of receiving eggs, milk, and bread from County Market.  The voucher used to include ground beef, but we had a generous donation of a cow that made it possible for us to save money.  However, the ground beef from that cow is nearly gone and we are looking into purchasing one in the future.  

2. Utilities: There are times that families need a little bit of assistance paying their utilities. The Council offers this help one time in a year. For many families this allows them to keep their families safe, healthy, and fed.

3. Gas: The Council helps with gas vouchers for families that are struggling to get to work or doctor’s appointments.  

4. Lodging: In the past the Council has provided a nights stay in the hotel to people traveling through that need help.  We have decided that providing transportation to the shelter in Quincy is more feasible for these situations.  However, there are times that we still need to pay for a night’s stay at the hotel.  These situations are usually domestic disputes.

The Council assists with many in this community.  Unfortunately due to COVID the Council has not been able to have our usual fundraisers.  Due to that, we are reaching out to ask the community for assistance to continue to provide the ministries that we provide.  If you, or your business, would like to make a donation to the Canton Council of Churches, you can mail your check to Virgil Welker (Treasurer) at 12 Janney Circle, Canton MO 63435

The Council of Churches appreciates all the businesses and individuals for their continued support of this long standing organization and ministry in Canton. 

Pastor Mandy Gosik