Ewing News

December 21, 2021

Betty Fifer

Sunday morning and the temperature at 7:30 is nineteen degrees. A beautiful clear morning just days before Christmas. My brother, B.K. (Billy to me ) had a birthday on Dec. 18 and my mother said on that day in 1939 they had the windows open it was that warm. We about to start seeing the days get longer. Been a quiet week around here, no doctor appointments, just doing house keeping jobs. One of my little great granddaughters spent part of the day here and is a very busy four year old, little Genevieve Glaves. On Saturday night the grandchildren of Donnie and Sharon Fifer had a surprise at the church friendship hall, guess who came to visit at the pizza party they were having? Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause with gifts for them. It’s always fun to see Santa Claus no matter what your age is. Out pastor was able to be back with us at Church Sunday. We were all so glad to see him back among us. 

We are having Christmas Eve services starting at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 24. Be glad to have you join us celebrating the Christ child’s birthday. Here’s wishing everyone has a great Christmas and have a great Christmas weekend. Have a Happy Merry Christmas.