Ewing News

December 29, 2021

Betty Fifer

Tuesday morning, we had a blue bird flying in and out of a bird house, he’s very confused. I think he must think Spring is around the corner. Friday morning went with Donnie and Sharon and got to watch our great grandchildren open their gifts and had breakfast with Tucker, Ashley, Jenson and Addy. That night at 5 we went to Mt. Olivet Church and had Christmas Eve services. Sarah put together a very nice service, we had a very good attendance with over 30 people where we all gathered to celebrate the birthday of a King. 

Christmas was great as always, 6 a.m. to phone rang, Shannon’s kids were up and ready to see what Santa brought and the morning started and there was a lot of gifts, next after seven the phone rang, Donnie Ray’s girls were up waiting for both sets of grandparents to arrive for their opening of presents. It’s so good to sit and watch the kids open their gifts, even though they are not little children and hope when they get families they can still have the fun of the grandparents being together. Then at nice a.m. Donnie and Sharon’s three children and their families arrived at their house and it started again. Around 11 a.m. we had a taco brunch, cinnamon buns and Christmas punch, which our Pastor Jesse and wife Phyllis attended. Sunday morning, normal breakfast, church, lunch and back to routine. Still have two more things we usually do as a family. Go to see the Christmas lights and have pizza together. We’ve been doing this at Christmas time for at least the last 35 years, again making memories for our family and on  the Sunday after New Year’s, I’ll be serving a meal of fried shrimp, oyster soup, chili soup, and sandwiches. My family got me season tickets to the Oakley Lindsey Center so I get to see the line of shows and that’s the best gift they can give me and several of us will be going together. 

I hope the Christmas day dinner at Lewistown went well, I think that’s a great idea for a community to do. I have forgot how many years ago, some of us women used the local school gym at Ewing to play volleyball one night a week and several years there was more teams and we had a tournament charging at the door and we used the money to place new playground equipment to the local schools. It was fun to do something for the community, sad to say many of our players have passed on or like me grown old. We were just mom’s and wives having a good time and doing something for our community. I hope some of this fish fries can get started again. Happy New Year 2022 to everyone.