Ewing News 1-6-22

January 05, 2022

Betty Fifer

January 3 and it’s six above zero outside of Ewing with snow on the ground and Highway 156 snow covered. We have been very busy last few days, last Wednesday we went for supplies for the Sunday dinner we were hosting. On Thursday, 17 of us met at the 18 Wheeler and traveled to Carthage, Ill, for our annual family pizza night. We began this tradition of a family pizza night many years ago, we always get together and go out for pizza. We had been told of a Pizza place on the square in Carthage that is the best pizza we would ever eat, and after eating there everyone agreed. It was different than I had ever had, but if it was closer we would eat there quite often. They had deep dish, Chicago and two layer. The pizza had lots of cheese, tasted wonderful and we had great service. We also went to look at the Keokuk Christmas light display and it was wonderful.
New Year’s Eve we went to our granddaughter’s Sarah home for a family gathering and her homemade donuts. Sarah’s mother began this tradition of making homemade donuts on New Year’s Eve so her brothers would have a safe event to go to and after Anita passed away Sarah took over and maintained the tradition. We also had finger food and leftover pizza from our Carthage trip. We had a great time and us old folks were home by ten o’clock.

New Year’s Day was quiet and busy getting ready for our Sunday dinner. This is our Christmas dinner we host. We had fried shrimp, oyster soup, chili and vegetable soup, plus ham, vegetables, pickles, homemade cookies and fudge. After dinner many of them went sled riding. Tradition and making memories are important, spending time with your family and taking pictures is a lot of fun and those kids will remember the good times.

Sympathy is extended to Bill Hinkle and family for the loss of Okle Hinkle. She was one of the sweetest ladies you ever met and all the generations of kids who knew her from school would agree with that statement.

The first week of January is starting with a quiet day, cold but sunny. Best Wishes to everyone for a great 2022.