Judges Notes

March 15, 2023

By: Corey Moon, Lewis County Associate Circuit Judge

A lot of people wonder exactly what it is judges do. We wear a funny robe, bang a gavel now and then, and hear a lot of interesting (and sometimes, not so interesting) things. But the job is much more than that. Judging is a serious job. The decisions a judge makes in each and every case has an effect on real people’s lives. It’s not only important that I know how the judicial system works, but it’s important you do too!

Missouri’s judges are tasked with providing civic education, in addition to presiding over courtrooms. “A judge should initiate and participate in community outreach activities for the purpose of promoting public understanding of and confidence in the administration of justice.” Missouri Supreme Court Rule 2-1.2, comment 6.

One of the great ways a judge can educate is by giving civic education presentations to local groups and students. The Supreme Court of Missouri has a website with a list of presentations, including the suggested age of the audience for each presentation. The website and different presentations can be found here:


Topics of these presentations range from discussing the Constitution, to presenting a mock case for students to solve, to talking about the history of courts in Missouri. Most presentations are anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour long.

If you or your local class or organization is interested in having me give a presentation, please contact the Lewis County Circuit Clerk at (573) 767-5352 for more information.