Department of Economic Development and Missouri Partnership visits Area

November 16, 2023

Representatives from Missouri Department of Economic Development, Missouri Partnership, and Missouri Economic Development Council toured Northeast Missouri on November 13 and 14 with stops in Hannibal, Palmyra, Monticello, Kirksville, Macon, and Moberly.

While in Monticello, the group visited with Ralph Martin, the Executive Director of The Lewis County Industrial Development Authority and Lewis County Regional Port Authority and viewed and discussed the plans for the development of the regional port site and the economic development opportunities that this site holds for the region.

In attendance for DED were, Lori Becklenberg, Director, Regional Engagement, Shawna Searcy, Deputy Director, Regional Engagement, Brando McDaniel, International Trade, Shari Schenewerk, North Manager, Regional Engagement, Andrea Sporcic Klund, Film Director, Tourism, and Shelle Jacobs, Deputy Director, Missouri One Start.

In attendance for Missouri Partnership were, Subash Alias, CEO, Ebby Neuner, Operations & Administration, Dennis Pruitt, VP Business Development, Amy Monahan, Creative Manager, and McKenzie Stroot, Digital Content Strategist. In attendance for Missouri Economic Development Council was Brandon Atchison, Director.

Lewis County IDA Director Ralph Martin said, “These individuals all have an amazing track record with these statewide organizations. We are quite fortunate to be able to have them not just in the region, but to sit down in our office in Monticello and visit one on one about the things that are happening in our area. Years and years of relationship building has created this opportunity, and continued work towards that end will help move our projects to the next level.”