Maywood News

January 12, 2022

Loretta Bringer

This has been a typical January week in northeast Missouri. We had below zero temperatures that kept the ice on that we had last weekend. We had mist and that made everything more treacherous. South Union Baptist did not have church again on Sunday because the parking lot was too dangerous to get on because of the ice. The main roads are clear; however, side roads and gravel roads and drives are extremely slick and dangerous. There were accidents and vehicles in ditches over this weekend because of the ice. The flu and Covid have been a problem for people in our area.

I am saddened by the death of Vicki R. Vance, who is my niece and she lived in Quincy. She was the former Vicki Jones, and her parents were the late(Bill) Jones and Rosella Jones Gaston. Vicki was married to Dr. Tom Vance of Quincy, and they have a son Maxx Vance of Hannibal. She leaves two sisters, Debby Hudson, Wanette Gottman, and one brother, Chuck Jones of Palmyra, Missouri. Vicky was a former “Miss Palmyra” and a talented woman. We extend sympathy to her family; her memorial service is this week, and the burial is in Maywood Cemetery.

I have been writing about Cole Shutte being on leave from the Marines and enjoying his time with family and friends. He was to leave on Saturday and all his flights cancelled and he did get out on his flights on Sunday. He is on his way back to Hawaii where it is 76 degrees and by now we would have liked to be on the plane with him!

It is great to have friends and neighbors. My husband fell this week and was in a terrible predicament. I was able to lift the weight off that was on him so he could crawl out and neededquick help. I called Kevin Meany and he was here quickly and helped fix the problem. Rachel and Bobby are great about helping all the time, but both were at work and Bobby had to help me later in the week with another Marvin fall. Marvin has bruises but is all right, and we are thankful for that.

“A faithful friend is there for the ups as well as the downs” and I am to blest to have many helpful and encouraging ones.

Happy Birthday to Kay Durst on January 15.Happy Birthday to Christine Carter on January 17. Happy Birthday to Darrell Eisenberg on January 1.